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Why Pack Gloves in 200s

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What are the Benefits of packing Gloves in 200's?

Disposable Gloves have for years been packed in 100's, but this is changing and has multiple benefits - from saving time to saving the environment!
At Gloves4u we have a responsiblity to care - for our customers, our end users and the environment! One way we are doing this is by introducing our Soft Blue Nitrile Gloves in 200's.

             Soft Blue NitrileSoft Blue Nitrile


  1. Contains twice the quantity of gloves per case, helping your customers to spend less on packaging and freight costs, and reducing carbon footprint. 
  2. Saves time as the boxes in your dispensers need replacing half as often, and also reduces re-order frequency - as we are often told - time is money - so this small change also has the longterm benefit of saving you money!
  3. Saves space as you can store the same amount of gloves in much less space - this could be up to as much as a 30% space saving. For those of our customers who use third party storage, this saving will be very much appreciated.
  4. Better for the environment as there is less waste. Less packaging and fewer boxes to throw away, means less waste for your facility.


At Gloves4u we stand by our cimmitment to continual improvement and caring for our customers needs. This change in our packing is part of a continual drive to keep costs down to enable the best protection to be used for those needing to use our gloves.