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About Oxytech Antimicrobial Gloves

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Antimicrobial Gloves

Oxytech Antimicrobial Gloves

Oxytech Antimicrobial gloves are a new type of medical examination glove with built in antimicrobial technology able to fight infection and combat antimicrobial resistance.

An unprecedented innovation which provides active protection against healthcare-associated infections. The product is truly a game changer for the industry, and the first in the world with this kind of efficacy and performance.

How does Oxytech Antimicrobial technology work?

A technological breakthrough has enabled the development of a new active microorganism killing molecule, designed to prevent the spreading of bacteria to and from surfaces and people. With the built in tech in the glove it eradicates the need for applications of further solutions or chemicals. Bacteria coming into contact will be exposed to the antimicrobial activity – which in independent testing achieved up to a 5-log kill (99.999%) within just 5 minutes of the contact!

Contrary to conventional medical gloves that only serve as a passive barrier between microbes and your hands, AMG’s can play an active role in reducing the spread of infections through its use of killing mechanisms.

The active ingredient on the glove is a photosensitizer which generates singlet oxygen when exposed to light. The singlet oxygen oxidises the bacteria’s protein and lipid, and consequently leads to the death of microbes.

The product is raising the bar and becoming a new standard for the global healthcare industry, enabling lives to be saved worldwide.

Antimicrobial Gloves

Antimicrobial Gloves

What are the advantages of this product?

Many healthcare associated infections such as MRSA are resistant to multiple antibiotics – making them difficult to treat. AMG’s are able to combat the spread of infections such as this, leading to new, higher healthcare standards.

The gloves are effective against a wide range of microbes, enabling them to be used in a wide variety of circumstances. They have a quick kill and are the first non-leaching antimicrobial medical gloves in the world.

Is it safe to use Oxytech Antimicrobial gloves?

Oxytech antimicrobial gloves are suitable for different applications and have been tested for use against various contacts e.g. skin, oral and food.

It is confirmed that the gloves; do not cause primary skin irritation or swelling, do not contain any substance that will induce skin allergy, have no toxic effects, do not display destructive action on cells, and do not cause allergic reaction in normal tissue after exposure.

Antimicrobial Gloves

Antimicrobial Gloves