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Donning & Doffing Glove Tutorial

Donning & Doffing Disposable Gloves may seem like a simple task, however should it be done incorrectly it could increase the risk of cross-contamination, increase glove wastage and compromise the gloves ability to protect the wearer.

Disposable Glove Symbols Guide

Watch our short video to help you understand the symbols freqently found on your boxes of disposable gloves and their meanings!

Overcoming the Cost Question when Selling Gloves

Selling a commodity product like Disposable Gloves can quickly become a cost driven process and price is generally the first point in a discussion. View our video to help you understand why your competitors may be able to sell gloves cheaper than you!

Minimising the Spread of Infection

Disposable Gloves are designed to protect both the wearer from contamination and also in the medical setting to protect the patient. Conventionally packed Disposable Gloves make this process complicated whereas the Gloves4U Firsthand Dispense System helps prevent cross contamination.

How to Determine the Quality of your Disposable Glove

Disposable Gloves like alot of other commodity products vary vastly in quality from one manufacturer to another. Use this simple test to determine the quality of your glove supply and further reduce the risk of dermatitus & glove allergies.

Firsthand Dispense System Benefits

The Gloves4u Firsthand Glove system dispenses the gloves one glove at a time, dispensing from the Cuff end every time making a unique dispense system against every other conventional glove dispenser box.

This system has multiple benefits for the end-user:

  • Reduction in Cross Contamination - The user only touches the cuff of the glove being used, reducing the risk of contaminating the glove.
  • Reduced wastage - only one glove dispensed at a time.
  • Saves money as less gloves are wasted.