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Pollution Reduction Campaign – China

China's Government is under pressure to do more to address the sources of smog, including reducing reliance on coal-fired power plants, the country's primary source of electricity.

The Government and environmental health officials have re-engaged in a national environmental drive to reduce pollution levels in China. This initiative fastens on 28 cities and pollution checks are being carried out on thousands of companies in these cities. Each city will be monitored throughout the next 6 months and Government officials in these cities will be held responsible for any excessive pollution.

A recent inspection of companies based around Beijing found more than 70% were violating air pollution regulations, Chinese state media says that firms pumped out more emissions than allowed, operated without licences or had insufficient pollution control equipment. Air pollution in Chinese cities is notoriously bad. The findings appear to confirm suspicions that companies ignore strict environmental protection policies and that the officials do not enforce them.

Earlier this year, Beijing's mayor said a new team of environmental police would try to reduce smog levels by tackling local sources of air pollution. The mayor also promised to reduce coal consumption by 30% this year.

How does this affect Vinyl Glove Production?

This drive and change in Government regulation is likely to have the same, if not worse impact as last year’s Vinyl Glove crisis. Production lines of reputable factories in China are likely to be closed down and many smaller older factories may never reopen. The reduced production capacity will result in prices continuing to soar and demand will extensively exceed capacity. The consequences will result in a global shortage.

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We are constantly looking at different sources to ensure we help manage our clients through the turbulent water and our procurement team have seen to it that we have high stocks of Clear Vinyl Powderfree gloves alongside our core range of gloves to enable us to ensure our clients aren’t left high and dry. Contact us today if you need stock and beat the rush for stock.

Is there an alternative?

Gloves4u have added to the range a new product – Superstretch. Superstretch Gloves are allergen free and offer an environmentally friendly and cost effective option to Vinyl, made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). These gloves are more  puncture resistant than polythene are 1.5aql Medical grade and Food Safe They are odourless, skin friendly, and contain no latex, softeners or silicone. They are the most economically viable glove for patient care, food handling and short term cleaning tasks. 

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Posted: 02/10/2017




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