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Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Does it sound ethical to you to pay for 100 gloves but be sent 84?

It sure doesn’t but believe it or not, it is happening today. We all know ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and we know that being frugal doesn’t just mean saving money – it means spending your money wisely.
Often when faced with a purchasing decision the main factor we consider is ‘price’ not ‘value’, especially with commodity items such as disposable gloves.

Do a spot check…

Take a pack of your gloves and count the number of gloves to determine if you are receiving what it says on the box. Industry standard is a maximum/minimum 5% up or down on count but regardless of this some importers are putting as little as 84 gloves in a box.

Stop and consider…

You could be being charged for 10x100 Clear Vinyl Powder free gloves per case but the case count is 10x84. That’s 160 less gloves per outer case less – (16% less)
Pricing example: - At a price of £13.50 for 840 gloves the pro rata price per 1000 is £16.07/1000. This is approximately 9% higher than our current price for 1000 Vinyl Gloves*
For every pallet* of glove’s purchased you are paying for 19.2 cases that you will never receive.
Could you afford your customers to discover this? Sending them 84 gloves and invoicing them for 100?

Replace the word price with value…

Contact Gloves4u for a sample pack of gloves and put us to the test. Our business ethics and quality control insist on performance every time and you get what you pay for.

Added Value…

We’ll be sending out more details on our FirstHand single dispense system for even more added value. Watch this space
*Gloves4u November 2017 pricing on Clear Powderfree Vinyl Gloves
*Based on 120 cases per pallet

Posted: 11/12/2017




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