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Glove Costs

Cheap gloves are cheap for a reason

Have you ever experienced donning a glove that tears before its even half way up your hand and when trying with the next glove the same thing happens again? It causes frustration, loses time and is a waste of money.

Glove users expect gloves to be dispensed from the box one glove at a time and not to tear when being donned. Unfortunately, in life, we only get what we pay for and not what we don’t, sadly, when buying ‘cheap’ the price isn’t associated with quality.

To combat the price war, quality and production has been sacrificed to create disposable gloves that fit only the price bracket, even the size of packaging has been minimised to reduce shipping costs. This has resulted in gloves being tightly packed into small boxes causing gloves to stick together resulting in poor dispensing. This is the cause for ripped gloves, multiple gloves being dispensed at once and gloves being discarded.

Its false economy…

When making a purchase of disposable gloves, do you take into account that price isn’t everything? Have you considered the cost of glove failures through ripping, double donning, multiple dispense or contamination?

Study this scenario of Clear Powderfree Vinyl gloves to see how quickly the cheap price of gloves of gloves escalates to being expensive: -


Cost of 1000 Clear Vinyl Powderfree Gloves        £13.50/1000 (£0.0135 per glove)

The first 5 gloves rip when being donned costs £0.0135 x 5 = £0.0675

5 Gloves that rip when being dispensed               £0.0135 x 5 = £0.0675

8 Gloves stick together       

and become contaminated and unusable              £0.0135 x 8 = £0.1080


Cost per pack of gloves is £1.35/100 but only 82 are suitable for use increasing the price to £1.64 per 100. That’s an 18% increase.

Price versus Quality…

Price versus quality must be a consideration in the procurement process. Failing gloves reduce efficiencies, increase glove usage and increase wastage. These factors have knock on effects to on increased freight, storage & disposal costs.

Manufacturing processes…

Cheap gloves are generally manufactured in low class factories with manual labour involved, It’s essential to ensure your supply aligns with your ethics. Ensure they aren’t manufactured in one of the many factories violating human rights by using child or slave labour? If your glove provider is auditing manufacturers responsibly they should be able to substantiate this information.


Ensure you have the right gloves for the right task…

Do you have the tools to educate your clients on the correct glove for the task? Take for example a single NHS hospital – they will be using 1000’s of gloves daily. However, those preparing food in the kitchens only need a minor form of hand protection, they do not need the same quality of glove as the nurse administering chemotherapy. Ensure your employees have the correct PPE for their task – your glove provider should be able to provide this training.

Can you actually afford to purchase cheap gloves? Our FirstHand Dispense system reduces glove wastage, and our procurement team responsibly audit factories regularly to ensure the correct number of gloves are provided, regulations such as FDA and AQL limits are adhered to and human rights are respected – all these factors help you to reduce your actual cost per use.

Posted: 15/12/2017




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