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New Blue Superstretch Gloves versus Standard Blue Vinyl Gloves


The NEW Superstretch Disposable glove has been introduced as a cost effective substitute for the original disposable Vinyl Glove.


The chart below is a simple guide to enable you to determine whether in the current Blue Vinyl Glove crises you can substitute your normal Vinyl Glove for a Blue Superstretch Glove.


We hope you find it helpful!





Comparison between Superstretch Gloves and Original Blue Vinyl Gloves


Blue Superstretch

Disposable Gloves


Original Blue Vinyl

Disposable Gloves

Latex Free – reducing the risk of allergic reactions

Cheaper than Latex & Nitrile

Comfortable & Dextrous

1.5AQL Medical Grade

Food Safe


Safe for use with Fatty Foods


We have successfully run a number of trials with companies in the food processing and preparing sector, these trials have resulted in a switch from the Vinyl to our Superstretch. Superstretch gloves are an extremely cost effective option for areas of short term use and basic hand protection requirements. These end users are now enjoying consistent supply and the added benefit of cost savings.

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Posted: 10/10/2017




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