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Glove Allergies Explained - Latex


An allergy to Latex Gloves can have serious consequences for the wearer ranging from life threatening anaphylaxis to more general discomfort and itching, this article explains the causes and possible treatment options.

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Glove Allergies Explained - Synthetic


Most people when the consider an allergy to a glove, think of a Latex Glove. However, allergies to other types of gloves are also recognised, or what you may think of as an allergic reaction may actually be something different!

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Blue Vinyl vs Blue Superstretch


Are you aware of the many similiarities between the Blue Vinyl Glove and the Blue Superstretch Glove? You may find that Blue Superstretch is a more cost effective option for you!

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Which Glove for Which Task?


To the casual user, the wide range of disposable gloves may not seem to offer much difference from one product to another. However, when choosing a glove for your protection it is very important to choose a glove that meets your needs.

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Benefits of Nitrile Disposable Gloves


In 2009, Nitrile represented only 22% of the total Latex and Nitrile glove production. Nitrile production has continually grown over the last 8 years and now represents 50% of Latex and Nitrile production.

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